dear science
Music straight from a robots heart!
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We hope that this season of Spring is bringing you grace and love! Lately, we have been working a few personal items. Preston is in his final semester for his masters degree. And Skipper has been healing from a hand injury. We do a couple of surprises up our sleeves. We are even considering coming […]

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We had the opportunity to open the music at the Cedar Park fall Festival this year. It was tons of fun. Dear Science had the opportunity to open for Wavorly, Ivory Line, Hyland, and The City Harmonic.  Wish you could have been there!

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The rumors are true!  Yup!  We have a show and Dear Science is playing this Tuesday night!  You can click the pic for the Facebook invite you simple go here! Beware!  You are about to get a data dump! /// Tuesday, you will get to hear Farewell Flight!  They are a new band on Relient […]

Heather Calvillo came by the lab last night to record a few vocals for a few Christmas songs. Heather is a dear friend of Dear Science.  She helps Dear Science lead a cooperate contemporay worship time at NorthWest Baptist Church called NXNW and often helps with the song writing for Dear Science.  She has a way with […]

Thomas and I met in college.  I walked up to him and invited him to house show that I was hosting Jesse Eubanks and Kat Jones.   Since that time, we have worked on several audio project together.  Everything from movie (documentary) soundtracks, christmas eps and compilations, corporate worship and television theme songs. He tends to be […]

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Hello World! This is a right of passage that every beginning programmer goes through and we are here! A “Hello world” program is a computer program that prints out “Hello world” on a display device. It is typically one of the simplest programs possible in most programming languages. Therefore, by tradition, it is often used to verify a language or […]